CRAZER - "Oderint Dum Metuant" - 2001
Записан в январе 2001 года
в домашней студии группы CRAZER - "Beerazer records"

Александр Малгай - гитара, вокал
Владимир Федоров - гитара
Юрий Шугаев      - ударные
Алексей Андреев  - бас-гитара

Мастеринг - Игорь Столяров, Александр Бурмистров
слова  - Александр Малгай
музыка - CRAZER

1. Sic Itur Ad Astra
Many are drawn by passion
Heart's only one concern
Those who felt the attraction
Will never find way to return

This is somewhere between
The heart and mind

Through rotten good to omnipotent evil
In spite of fears and doubts
Through all the ups and downs
That's how you reach the stars

And when you find your wings
Reality just doesn't matter
The time and space are subject
To all-consuming passion

Sic itur ad Astra
Losing the mind and all that counted
May everything burn up in fire
The free shall not be daunted

2. The Legacy Of Maker
The legacy of maker
Through ages of oblivion
It blast the dismal course of time
And magic touched the core of all creation

His lone some way will curse the stranger
And will not pass the foot prints shed with light
When the unseen defender of the maker
Will start appearing in the night

He will not give no human soul a try on
Of maker's great unperishable gift
And everyone will find themselves believing
In the reality of witchcraft from the crypt

He's coming back again
The one whose mysteries
Are frightful & delusive
Immortal guard of non existence
Hey, tremble !
Let heaven moan and shake with fear

3. Heroic
Think of the last dawn you saw on the earth
Sun in the sky slowly rising
Shades of gloom fixedly looking at you
Through bloody red horizon

Bullets in the back - a reward for all
Die to be a real hero
Bullets in the back - carrion-crows
Feasting on another's sorrow
Sacrifice - your time has come
Your turn to embrace your dead soul

The battle is over, moans vanish
The dead cannot be saved, traveller in anguish
Sombre view, the road extends for a distance
Fortry days en route and there it is
The dwelling place of soul till new creation
Drift through the years just to survive
Forget all knowledge and be filled with venom
Drink to the dress the vine of life

O, flame of anger ! To burn in your embrace
To heaven's laughter
Returning to the world once left in curses

Playing "HE" with death
Is that the hero's wages ?
All excuses make no sense
When every deed is reckoned

Crackle of gun-fire shall bother no more
Torment and agony will pass away
The dawn will last forever more
And everything will dissolve

4. Reaping The Fruits Of Unconcern
Universal mind is closed
To export of dying civilization
Carrying spirital decay,
Bacilli of military rage
And barbarous annihilation

Soon will come the end
Of universal experiment
Madmen rehearse
The doomsday party

Center of the universe
Bound in sidereal cincture
Choosing way of ignorance
Waiting for the future

The Earth goes round
In agonizing extasy
Reaping the fruits of unconcern
Facing fall as destiny
Drifting through centures
To the bottom of infinity

Evil children of space
Sick mankind
Doomed patiens
On experimental planet

Suicidal mankind -
Malignant tumor on the body of the Earth
Regressive progress
Through development got to a dead end

5. Shelter For The Rats
In search of earthly paradise
Running away from the fate
Suffering from faint-heartedness
A pack of rats making it's way
Zombies looking for ground shift
Bunch of fools rushing away
Handful of lovers of free shit
Willingly turned into slaves

Welcome to the club of losers
Welcome to the club of runaways

Theirs is the shelter for the rats
Dreams in the golden cage
Ground under, deadly skies
Peace that will end in rage

In search of earthly paradise
Longing for days of repletion
All once so loved and treasured
They recklessly doom to oblivion
Leaving their home and family
Betraying loved ones and friends
Looking for treasures of vanity
They lose everything in the end

Running away from the battle-field
Traitors peculiar breed
Speed headlong hiding in rat skins
Cowards revere the freak

6. In The Meat-Grinder
Pray for the full
Sitting in the meat-grinder
Cry and shit
Of the clanging of knives
Flatter the greed
Of every bastard
To die deaf
Of the crunching of bones

Undigestable scum - thrown up, expectorated
Sewage disposal fun - eaten up, exhilarated

In the loop of your own navel-string
Smile until you're blue in the face
Fix the excess weight
Of suicidal enlightenment

Flow outside
Through rust
Be an invertebrate
Dead tongue
Prostitute the taste
By sweet lust
A universal poison
Seasoned with shit

7. Dead Lunatic
At midnight comes alive
The limping cradle
And someone's lonely cry
Rocks it in the dark
Millions of fears
Cradle brings alive
Nightmares of the past
Stuck in chains of mind

It's the dead lunatic
The keeper of sins
Shadow of the soul
That's found no peace
It,s the dead lunatic
Who poisons dreams
Delights himself
In feeding the fears

The buried yields fruit
Secrets made manifest
Time to reap harvest
Nil inultum remane bit

At midnight come alive
The withered flowers
On the ramshackle grave
Where fairy tales rest
Childhood that's drowned
In fiery water
Floats under the moon
With eye-lids wide open

8. In Search Of Timelessness
Time is the master and God
It is the heart of the universe
Time keeps the mysteries that nature unfolds
It is an endless stream that flows
Through dreams that are centuries-old
And the blind sovereign of souls

Time gives birth
Time brings up
Time mutilates
And kills

Time leads us it's way
To please the old age
Slow but right
Depraving of life

Time is subject
To nothing and no one
There is no way to grasp it
The mind of human kind
Will go insane
Heaving found where the truth is

It's incomprehensible
Like the universe
Where it comes from
We will never know
But we continue to go
The way it shows
In search of timelessness
We are deceased and born

9. Learn Lest You Should Grieve
First scream that crowns the birth
Will start the countdown of a dead man
And lead by the path of destruction
From a baby to an old man
With first step into embrace of death
Life forces with uncontrolable power
It leads us to death through time
Drawing near the last hour

A moment and the thread is torn
Beetwen the body and the soul
It will rush you off taking away
Into the place of old
Leaving nothing but ashes
To earth full of bitter venom
Everything else taking away
Up to heaven

And death whatever mask it wears
Deliverance from pain or cause of torture
Forever cursed and scolded always
Considered guilty and a great misfortune

Face death, why grieve about the past
And souls that languish in oblivion
Face death, don't give the mind to feelings
And will to foolish superstations

Learn lest you should grieve
Face death, the truth it is
Learn not to grieve

10. Misanthropy
There where my soul abides
It laughs aloud at all your empty curses
And feasts upon the wrath of fools
Like drops of sweat
Stands out on crucifictions essence
Of feeble, half-frustrated foes

Men hate what they're afraid of the one who's
feared has awesome power
Oderint, Dum Metuant

There I begin
And world deprived of every blessing
For stepsons of the faith that's passed away and slaves
Who wish above all things to reach refrection
Hot leaving their religious chains

Disdain will not deprave my name of power
That turns the air into a bundle of nerves
By awesome presence into the heat of passion
It mercilessly drives the nurds

And hatred will reflect all fear and horror
In minds of those who sent it forth
Will turn to be a crashing failure
The hope of those who walk the earth

Keep truths away in hiding places
Don't let them out to be tormented
May fear keep you by humble emptiness
Be like a friend to you related

11. Imitation Of The Death
(album Your Cross - Your Death ' 1993)

It's terrible to wake up in coffin
Halfdecayed & constrained by bones
By bursting dead nerve
Feel remains on the rotten floor

Dead revive
Just heard funeral knell
They scrape their coffins
I already here their groan & sobbings

A wakening from the coma
Sence of inconceivable horror
My imitation of death
Turns into real death

It's terrible to wake up in coffin
Oh' better to croak in slumber
It is savage procedure
To suffocate in suck prison

The walls of coffin already revive
They began to oppres-oppres me
My exhausted body can't live more
My exhausted body can't live more

Dig my grave
Be ready to the horror
Which you'll see
Opened lid of my coffin


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